Who I Help… Young Adults

Young adults by Polly Brennan, Adventurous Coaching

1:2:1 Coaching for Young Adults (16-25)

1:2:1 Coaching and Workshops for Parents


Young adults are approximately one quarter of our population but 100% of our future. As a mental health and wellbeing coach, I am fully invested in contributing to the development of strong resilient adults. ‘Trainee adults’ between the ages of 16 – 25 years are often managing life’s challenges, navigating unchartered territory and making significant decisions with a limited frame of reference.

Possession of a mental health ‘kit bag’ with simple practical strategies and a clear understanding of untapped potential can significantly equip young adults to go forward with confidence, courage and clarity.

Life’s journeys are best travelled with a realistic plan, clear destination, a solution focused lens, and the road map to guide the direction. Coaching is a powerful process that it creates the opportunity for young people to flourish and to embark on their life’s adventure.


Working together will help:

  • Develop simple practical strategies to build your resilience toolkit
  • Discover your unique qualities and untapped potential
  • Boost your confidence in your ability to succeed and to thrive
  • Create your action plan to go forward with clear milestones, supporters and accountability


“Polly is a ray of sunlight when I was in a very dark place. Her coaching skills are second to none. I believe that she has the skills and personality to coach anyone through tough times to come to wonderful creative solutions. I cannot recomend her services enough, she is a life saver and a life changer.”
Chloe Watson, Illustrator/Animator/Graphic Designer (Young Adult)

“Our daughter is doing great since she began working alongside you Polly. It is back to having our lovely, talkative, funny  daughter. You have no idea what a difference it has made. So we are happy for you to keep on doing what you are doing.”

Kate Wilson, Business Consultant (Parent)

“We have noticed a  change in our son following the coaching work with you Polly. On our recent family holiday  everyone noticed. He is a clever and kind person but had temporarily lost his way. He has used his time with you to boost his confidence and positivity and get clear about the way forward. For this I am truly grateful.”

Sarah Frazer, Nurse Practitioner NHS (Parent)