Who I Help… Military Veterans

Adventurous Coaching Military Veterans by Polly Brennan

1:2:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshops and Team Building


According to research, up to three quarters of veterans who leave the armed forces do not feel prepared for civilian life. For these individuals,  creating a sense of belonging, adjusting to a new life and navigating the way through this significant change can create a challenges. This can be positively influenced with tools to overcome this adversity, an awareness of transferable skills and a mindset that uncovers more possibilities and opens new doors.

With many years of experience supporting military veterans, I am dedicated to supporting former service men and women in their transition from soldier to citizen. Choosing a new vocational direction, creating a supportive team and adopting simple practical strategies to maximise resilience can help veterans through that process into a place of being, belonging and becoming.

Working together provides an opportunity to reset the compass and narrate an empowering story to go forward, that enables life to take a new direction with pace, purpose and direction.


Going forward, you will

  • Develop your knowledge of simple practical strategies to build your resilience kit bag
  • Capitalise on your valuable competencies, strengths and resources and transferable skills to help you to create a new vocational pathway.
  • Create an action plan to lead a life you can love with manageable milestones, a support team and an accountability plan.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Polly on a retreat to France with our female veterans. Polly was an integral part of the leadership team. Delivering outstanding group life coaching and individual sessions, the strategic life coaching with the management team was hugely successful for our organisation.”

Sarah Lattaway, Forward Assist, North East Veterans Charity

“After my diagnosis of PTSD in 2015, I was introduced to Adventurous Coaching by a veteran charity called Forward Assist. I found it very difficult to talk but after gaining trust with 1:1 sessions we started planning my journey forward. 

Working alongside Polly has helped me to create exceptional changes in my life. Coaching with Polly has enabled me to complete an SAS selection route called the Fan Dance and become a veteran’s charities fundraiser. I accepted an award at Parliament for the Aviva Breakthrough Achievers award this year and enjoy public speaking.

Working with Polly has helped me to go from strength to strength and been an integral part of my way forward.”

John Mew, Veteran, Fundraiser, Inspirational Speaker