Polly masters an exceptional interpersonal skill set to develop a creative path to ensure you get more out of life. Being a natural communicator and enthusiast she provides the ideal “mood lighting” to enable you to break out of the mould.
Whichever angle you approach from, the interaction with Polly provides a professional lens to focus and channel your efforts in a positive direction.
You could go with Polly to pay you tax bill or buy a pint of milk and you would look back with a feeling that the meeting was a positive and life affirming experience. Just think about what life could offer and the sort of exciting projects that you could be pursuing when you have the guidance to look beyond your current activities and focus on the sort of adventures that could be just round the corner.

Neil McAnany

Experienced FMCG Commercial Manager / Controller

During a recent veteran retreat, I took so much away from the life coaching sessions with Polly. Her calm and engaging manner makes her unique at her job. She put us all at such ease and helped us to open up to different ways of looking at things. The sessions were comprehensive and increased my awareness of how I feel and what I want to achieve. I am looking forward now to applying the principles and tools to my life as I move forward now.

Denise Kidger

Independent photographer and Veteran

“If you are always trying to be normal,

you will never know how amazing you can be”

—Maya Angelou

Polly is a truly unique person. She is caring, patient and humorous. She gives 100% to the coaching process to help people on their journey. Whilst creating a professional relationship that sets the mood for change, she is also very down to earth. I felt as though I had a professional friend on my team. Before we met I didn’t see much hope for a future but now I’m free from a toxic relationship, I’m loving life, volunteering and building a future for myself. I know that our paths will cross again as I continue on my fabulous life journey. 

Laura Patterson

Volunteer and support worker

 I have had the pleasure of working closely with Polly on a recent retreat in France with our female veterans. Polly was an integral part of the leadership team, as well as carrying out outstanding group life-coaching and individual sessions. Polly has also carried out strategic life coaching sessions with the management of Forward Assist which was hugely successful and a great help within our organisation. I look forward to working with Polly even more in the future and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Lattaway

Programme manager Forward Assist, Veteran Support Charity