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Research indicates that 61% of employees feel burned out on the job (careerbuilder). Stress related absence costs billions of pounds per year. The current profile of the wellbeing agenda now means that talking about our mental health is becoming a more accepted dialogue.  For this to be valuable going forward, it is vital that each of us has the ability to create a mental health toolkit that will enable us to thrive.

Through many years of experience working for the NHS and in private practice, I have supported thousands of people who have reached breaking point through limited self awareness and a lack of resilience strategies. This has fuelled a burning passion to help people to take a proactive approach to life and work so that they nurture their mental health and create sustainable wellbeing.

Empowering people to understand factors impacting their resilience can support the development of healthy habits, resilience action planning and the tools to thrive in their personal and professional life.

Promoting personal and professional resilience is all about helping you to embark on your big health adventure.


Working together, we will:

  • Optimise personal strengths and resilience factors
  • Create a mental health kit bag with strategies that enable individuals to thrive
  • Enable individuals and the wider team to go forward from a position of strength awareness and power


“Polly Brennan recently delivered three days of workshop content for our team. I was delighted with every part of our experience working with Polly; from the time spent ensuring content was tailored to our specific needs, positive energy generated in the sessions, and seeing staff enjoying learning different ways of working with clients. We addressed a range of topics related to personal growth and effective teamwork. The team left feeling topped up and ready for action with a new model of practice.”

Steven Cowen, CEO, Gateshead Carers

“The emotional Resilience workshops that you delivered were relevant, enjoyable and conducted in a relaxed way touching on useful strategies to deal with life and work pressures. It was helpful to have the opportunity for team discussion, with staff bouncing ideas of each other and learning about each others strategies as well as developing new strategies to implement. Thank you.”

Team Leader, HMRC

“Polly masters an exceptional interpersonal skill set to develop a creative path to ensure you get more out of work and life. Being a natural communicator and enthusiast she provides the ideal “mood lighting” to enable you to break out of the mould. Whichever angle you approach from, the interaction with Polly provides a professional lens to focus and channel your efforts in a positive direction. You could go with Polly to pay your tax bill or buy a pint of milk and you would look back with a feeling that the meeting was a positive and life affirming experience. Just think about how your ability to thrive in the workplace could be excelled, and consider the sort of exciting projects that you could be pursuing when you have the guidance to look beyond your current approach.”

Neil McAnany, FMCG Commercial Manager

“Polly is a truly unique person. She is caring, patient and humorous. She gives 100% to the coaching process to help people on their vocational journey. Whilst creating a professional relationship that sets the mood for change, she is also very down to earth. I felt as though I had a professional friend on my team helping me learn how to not just survive, but to thrive. Before we met I had no idea how to be a resilient worker. Now, I’m loving life, volunteering and building a future for myself.”

Laura Pattinson, Volunteer Support Worker