Creating possibilities

Let’s begin with the belief that it is possible to have more, be more and do more. What would you want? What ignites a fire in your belly?

If this is easy for you to answer, and you have made all that you wanted happen then well done…you are living your dream! If this is not the case then now is the time to crack on and make these ideas your reality. What’s stopping you?

I dedicate this to the ‘here’s how’ part of enjoying your micro adventures. For many people the challenge of adventuring can be the uncertainty about what is possible. I advise an experimental approach; try new things in order to discover what you love and indeed what you don’t enjoy. It can begin with the simple act of getting some ideas down on paper and having a go.

Me, I want it all. I want to keep busy enjoying the numerous activities that I already love and I want to try new things…and I want that for you too!

A recent blog introduced the joys of micro adventuring as a great way to get started; start small, build bigger and see where that takes you.

Everything begins with an idea, then it takes shape and you get started. This can snowball. That one thing can lead to another. You grow wings, then get inspired and new ideas pop up. Cunning plans get hatched and before you know it you are going places, seeing things and loving that you are making it happen.

As a pen to paper sort of gal, I love creating lists. This helps me curate my best ideas and its a great way for me to get started. The art of writing things down is an important part in the process of committing to action.

This well researched concept teaches us that putting pen to paper can shifts us from contemplation to action.

This can also be a help if being spontaneous is tricky for you, or if you find it hard to remember those great ideas you came up with a week ago. Just so long as it doesn’t become that unhelpful and unachievable ‘to do’ list.

I have decided to call these ideas my ‘possibilities list’. If you want one, then why not get busy with that? I advise you to put it somewhere visible where it will be seen regularly so it acts as a reminder to you. Maybe the calendar, the fridge or on your phone?.

Alternatively, what about creating an adventure lucky dip? You could commit ideas for adventuring onto post it notes, put them in a jar and each week, pick one out and make that one thing happen. You could even invite a friend to add a few wild cards, to add that element of surprise and keep it exciting.

Finally I recommend the gift of adventure. I once gifted a friend an adventure voucher. Every month for a year he received an envelope containing details of an escapade arranged just for him! All he needed do is show up and enjoy the experience. Some adventures involved travelling to new places, activities in the outdoors or trying something new. All on a shoestring, all at a micro adventure scale, all fun and memorable. If this idea appeals to you…swipe it!

A micro adventurer that I like to follow advocates committing to a micro adventure every month. Alastair Humphreys loves sleeping under the stars and being outdoors. He reminds us that adventures are at our fingertips and can help our lives become more fun and fulfilling. For me, this approach to doing more feels possible.

Perhaps you might get inspired by some of these ideas and create an adventurous approach to adventuring too.

This could involve experiencing pop up cinema, enjoy a street food event, try a music festivals,  catch a fish, build a beach fire, visit a new place, have a biking adventure on an island, visit a honey farm, finda funky cafe in unusual places, try learning a new skill or star watching!

If you like any of my ideas…. have them! Often other people’s adventure ideas inspire and generate more.

Whatever you decide to do, we are on this journey together. Opportunities for micro adventuring are around us on a daily basis!
I would love to hear how you created possibilities and how this has added to the rich tapestry of your life!  

In the meantime – Happy adventuring!

#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to a surprise topic so watch this space! As ever  I will sharing some tips from my extensive coaching experience to help you to get clear on ways to healthy and audacious life. Want to know more about how to live an adventurous life?