You don’t have to be a billionaire or a genius to make a difference. People make their mark and are remembered for their contributions for all sorts of reasons.

When a dear friend David Charlton died and I was asked to speak at his funeral, I considered this a privilege. It was also an opportunity to celebrate who he was and all that he had achieved.

David or as he was called ‘Trooper’ had lived a full and fabulous life but it was cut short prematurely. He served his country, he impacted people’s lives.

David Charlton was an adventurer, a confidant, a triathlete, a doting father, a loving husband, a mischief maker and so much more. What a legacy to leave behind! His mark on this earth was purposeful and intentional. He chose to become all these things, he took time to reflect on his contributions and he lived as well as left his legacy.

It struck me that a legacy is usually a retrospective narration of a person’s life after they have gone. If this definition is accurate, perhaps it is possible to create a chosen legacy and then begin living it in the moment in order to create a life worth living.

When discussing the best ways to make your mark, a wonderful person called Tim McNamara advised me to “CHARLIE” it. This acronym; Climb Higher And Reach Life’s Inner Expectations” brought a smile to my face and left me pondering how I might do such a thing.

After some soul searching, I decided that for me, a ‘charlie it’ approach could involve several things:

  • Choosing to let go of the illusion of perfection
  • Deciding on my new mission statement for living life – Go forward fearlessly
  • Giving in to just trusting the universe
  • Saying yes to more and then working on feeling ready for it later

This led me to imagine what difference it would make if we all had a mission statement and in doing so created a template for our own living legacy. It could begin with ‘If the world was a better place because of my actions, its because I …’

How might the world be different because of you?  Share if you dare…tell someone who will hold you accountable. Put your intention on paper…send it as a letter to yourself in the post.

Let’s start now and choose to be like the person we want to be remembered for.

So good people, the million dollar question…how do you want to leave your footprint on the hearts and minds of others and on planet earth? What legacy do you plan to live and leave behind to inspire others?

My best hopes is that we will discover the power that we possess to make an impact.

#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to creating happiness in our lives. In the meantime I wish you all a fun, happy and energetic month. Want to know more about how to live your life’s adventure?