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Words of wisdom ~ from the most surprising places - Adventurous Coaching

I was compelled to write about inner wisdom and advice to self having spend many coaching sessions supporting clever people to trust themselves to make good decisions. Sometimes we forget that we have great advice within us to give other people and because of this, we neglect to listen to our own ‘wise self’ as we face decisions and dilemmas in life. This leads us to look to other people in our lives to give us the right answers, when actually we often already know everything that we need to know.

I would like to share advice with you from a diverse section of the population. In doing so invite you to become clear about those pieces of advice that struck a chord with you. I will invite you to tap into your wise words, and remember your own good advice that you can share with others or indeed take to heart yourself.

I will begin with advice from an 80 year old man. You may had read something similar – a lovely list of great pearls of wisdom gathered over time. I selected the ones that I liked to share with you. He advises; Be the most enthusiastic person that you know. Always accept an outstretched hand. Be brave and if you don’t feel brave – fake it, usually people can’t tell the difference. Choose a life mate carefully – from this decision comes 90% of your happiness or misery. Keep a notebook by your bedside – the million dollar ideas usually come at 3am.

Next we have advice from Andrea Mann, an author who wrote in the standard issue magazine.

She advocates: On the toughest days remember that your record of getting through tough days is 100%. Don’t try to stop the waves from coming – learn to ride them. Sometimes life falls apart when it needs to be rebuilt – you could just be in the process of creating the next big adventure. Time for yourself is not self indulgence or selfish – it’s called self care.On that basis we should make time for ourselves every day. Just because we think something doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes we fret over things that have never happened, have already happened or will never happen. Finally we are never too old to set a new goal or build a new dream.

Advice from a 10 year old girl was just this ticket for me as I began the new year. Erin Johnstone is a wee girl who I have known all her life. She often has advice to offer the adults in her life. Knowing that I struggle with motivation at the start of each year and seeing that I was working through the fog of January as the cogs slowly began to turn, wise Erin recommended  me a recipe for inspiration and action. She suggested a sprinkle of chili powder to fire me up, a telescope to help me see the way ahead, she told me to keep a jar to store all my worries and fears so that they would not weigh me down, blinkers to stop me from getting distracted by the ‘shinnies’ that might take me off my course. Finally she recommended me some pom poms so that I could become my own cheerleader. Added to that she also offered to be on the side line cheering me on too. This has made me smile my way through 2017 so far.

A recent endurance bike event that I completed offered me some notes to self and developed my inner wisdom.  I reflected that they were also applicable to life in general. I have taken them to heart and so far, this has served me well. Feel free to read more. In the meantime, some highlights –  When the road feels tough it helps to focus only on now and what is just ahead of you. Set a good pace for any project and stay in a gear that is sustainable. Make sure to check that you are choosing the smartest way to achieve your goal. Safety net planning is invaluable – ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen here and then build a contingency plan around the answer. Finally keep moving forward and remember to breathe!

The opportunity here has been to share advice with you from people from different walks of life, a reminder that the best advice can come from unexpected sources. We had advice from the experiences of an 80 year old man, a writer, an endurance cyclist through to the wisdom from the heart of a 10 year old girl.

Have you ever heard yourself give advice to a family member, a friend, or colleague and then been impressed by your wisdom, your clarity and your confidence? Perhaps this surprised you because you tend not to think of yourself as someone who has inner wisdom to share. This is your voice of experience, your intuition, your heart and your wise self, sharing all that you have learned along the way in your life so far.

Not only is this advice invaluable, it is transferrable. It is possible that what you learned from the process of  growing a business could help your personal relationships thrive. Maybe the creativity that comes from doing an activity that you love could help you to problem solve around how you could parent more effectively or attend to your health and wellness.

The questions whetting my curiosity at the moment; What do you already know? How do you want to use your words of wisdom? How might this help you to thrive and get more out of your temporary and precious life?

#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to overcoming fear.

In the meantime I wish you all a happy and energetic week. Do you want to know more about how to live your life’s adventure?