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Welcome to the #AdventureSeries - Adventurous Coaching

Hello everybody!

Welcome to #AdventureSeries. I’m Polly Brennan, Life Coach at Adventurous Coaching and  I’m going to be interviewing all sorts of adventurous people, who do all sorts of fun and adventurous things, from all walks of life.

I’ve been connecting up with some amazing people –  travellers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, veterans, Paralympians… and some mystery guests too. People leaping out of their box and having new adventures. 

I’m really excited to share their stories with you as part of my #AdventureSeries. I’ll be learning more about what adventure means to them and what inspires them to lead an adventurous lifestyle.

We will discover their top tips about how to create adventures, and the difference that this makes to their lives.

This project will be ongoing for the next year. On the first day of every month, check in to discover who I’ll be showcasing.  I hope you find it useful, I hope you find it inspiring, but most importantly I hope you enjoy it.

#AdventureSeries is all about encouraging us all to have more, to be more, to do more.

My best hope is that you’ll be encouraged to try new things, perhaps do something you keep talking about and to tap into that audacious and adventurous streak that we all have.

I think that is completely possible, don’t you?

As a life coach I love helping people to get inspired, get clear on what they want from life, and discover ways to adopt an adventurous approach to life. Adventurous Coaching is life coaching for lifes’ adventure.

The big question is “what does adventure mean to you?”



*** Watch Polly’s #AdventureSeries welcome video here ***

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#AdventureSeries No.1

Launched 1/6/17

Introducing Matt Prior – World Record Holder for the Highest Altitude Reached by a Taxi – 17,143ft. Matt prior created his Adventure Academy from his passion for adventure and his desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives. The aim is “to be the best in the world at what we do”.

Matt has lived and worked across three continents. After completing his degree, he served for six years in the Royal Air Force flying Tucanos and Hawks. Since his teenage years he has travelled to over one hundred countries. He is the Director of the Explorers Club (Hong Kong Chapter) and over the years has been sponsored by big brands such as GoPro. He is an Adventure Consultant for Red Bull, a pioneer for the Adventurists, a qualified Wilderness First Responder, Commercial and Paramotor Pilot.

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Photo’s from top left: Circumnavigating Lake Baikal, Siberia, driving a $200 one-litre jeep from the UK to Mongolia, practicing paramotoring, chilling out on an active volcano, Sri Lanka by rickshaw, Circumnavigating the world in a London taxi.

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Now available…

#AdventureSeries No.2

Launched 1/7/17

Introducing Richard Rothwell, director at Cycling Generation. One day he just left his day job to set up a cycle holiday company. He is a wonderful example of someone who is unafraid to step out of the career box and earn his living doing something that he loves. Richard is also a sporting adventurer. As a passionate cyclist, he has take part in and has won many competitive enduring events.

The weekend prior to this interview, Richard took part in (and won) a 24hr solo bike race called the kielder chiller 24 in Northumberland in extreme winter conditions. This is a 24 hour mountain bike event, certainly the ultimate test of man and machine.

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Photo’s from top left: 24h of Finale ligure, MT ZOOM- Wiggle Exposure Elite mixed Team, heading off to grab victory at Montane Kielder 100, having fun on the ropes, Nevis range Fort William, High Fell Events

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Here it is…

#AdventureSeries No.3

Launched 1/8/17

Introducing  Brianna Weins from ‘A brit and a Brood’.  A Brit and a Broad is a travel video blog bringing people and places to you. 

Innovative and unique, A Brit and a Broad is unlike any other blog out there at the moment. It is essentially three travel blogs in one with a strong emphasis on video content. The presenters, A Brit and a Broad, show us some truly remarkable sights around the world and aim to inspire us to do something different on our travels. They do this by being curious, fun and inspirational!  Meet the team…Read more>

Macca Sherifi… the Brit, is an author, blogger and photographer from London. Macca writes about the alternative side of travelling.

Brianna Wiens, the Broad, (because she’s a broad – get it?) is an actor, director and photographer from Vancouver, Canada. Brianna writes about everything all girls need to know about while on the road.

Finally, completing A Brit and a Broad is Brian Ceci. An award-winning cinematographer and videographer from Vancouver, Canada, Brian is the man behind the camera cutting everything together, whose videos will make you want to pack your bags, hit the road and do something different immediately. Read more>



And now for…

#AdventureSeries No.4

Launched 1/9/17

Introducing Natalie Sisson, Chief Adventurer of The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie is a global adventurer and digital nomad, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and so much more. 

Natalie takes entrepreneurs on an exciting quest to discover how to have more personal, financial, relationship, health and business freedom in life. Unlike most successful entrepreneurs, Natalie advocates for designing the sort of business that supports your lifestyle and not the other way around. Natalie believes that you can have a profitable business that you love, run it from anywhere and live your dream lifestyle.

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 In one way or another we are all on a quest for freedom and happiness.  After 7 years of growing a successful business, and being obsessed with freedom, Natalie Sisson invited us to follow her on the journey. Earlier this year, Natalie took a three month business sabbatical to experiment with a new facet of freedom with herself as the guinea pig.

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#AdventureSeries No.5 

Launched 1/11/17

Introducing Andrew Whitehouse otherwise known as Alphawhisky71, an avid adventurer, traveller and former commando with a thirst for the outdoors. Amongst many things, Andrew is a volunteer for a local search and rescue team.

He is dedicated to using his passion for adventure to fundraise for good causes and is gets involved in epic adventures to keep his spirits soaring. 

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Photos from top left: The DMHF Freedom trail team (Alphawhisky71, Kier group, KMF metal, and TheRealBerghouse) who collectively raised over £40,000 for charity, An epic journey across northern Sweden, Challenge – no mans fort in Solent, Trekking in Nepal, Shooting the weirs at the Annual River dove paddle, triumphant having successfully completed the Dart 10K open water event for the second time

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And now for…

#AdventureSeries No.6 

Introducing the amazing Cheryl Maas; Professional snowboarder and fun seeker, X Games gold medalist, twice world champion Olympian, best Female rider of the year 2010 (Snowboarder Magazine). Cheryl, originally from Holland, combines being a fabulous mum to her two children with being an adventurist, an athlete and a lover of many sports. Cheryl Maas is considered to be the greatest female snowboarder of all time.

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Photos from top left
Modelling for breast cancer awareness, competing at Air + Style at Beijing, X-Games Olso womens-big-air-snowboarding-podium-2016, ‘sweet ass’ rock climbing in new zealand, flying through the air – “focused and peaceful, board in hand and ready for anything”, motorbike love, best summer ever, skate boarding day, boxing season is over

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