Staying focussed on getting what you want

Whether you are a professional wanting to explore and pursue a new career adventure, a parent looking to have more escapades with family, a veteran wanting to maintain adventures whilst transitioning to a civilian lifestyle or just someone wanting to have a health adventure … you need a plan and you need to know how to turn that plan into your reality!

Research suggests that people who succeed at implementing goals do so by breaking them down into smaller bite sized chunks and having some degree of accountability for whether they are on track with the plan.

There are many ways to go about this and often when people get stuck, they hire coaches to assist them on this journey. That said it is also possible to become your own coach or use coaching tools and tips to help you along the way. A personal favourite of mine is simple, write a letter to yourself. Why not?

Write a statement of intent. Include in this some facts about your capability and your values that connect you to why this goal is important and possible. Tell yourself what you are committed to doing, when and how, with advice or notes to self. Write a note on your calendar reminding yourself to open your letter at a specific point in time or give it to someone you trust to keep it safe who will deliver it back to you at an agreed point in time.

Another effective method when it comes to goal acquisition is having a buddy. Find someone who you can share your future vision. Choose carefully! Ensure that it is someone who believes in you, and will be firm with you. They can encourage you to break the bigger picture down into smaller chunks, and check in to see if you are doing your homework. This could be mutually beneficial should you work together in this way to help each other to move forward with plans and aspirations.


I find that this can be helpful way to stay motivated and keep your finger on the pulse.

I have several forums where I consider myself to be a buddy and be buddied. On an individual basis with outstanding coaching colleagues and as a group, my wonderful mastermind group. I am grateful to be challenged, stretched and championed on a regular basis. This helps me to progress my goals towards being adventurous with my career and lifestyle choices, and step out of the box in how I make a living.

With one particular buddy we have agreed to work on having monthly challenges towards a bigger vision, with a mantra or inspirational quote to support this. We identify three tasks that need done to help us towards this outcome, and gain clarity about who is on our team who can help us to achieve this. Each month we invite each other to reflect on progress and lessons learned. Perhaps this focussed style of buddying could help you to progress forward?

The last few years, my success as a small business owner has been boosted significantly by those people who assisted me to fine tune the goals I dared to share out loud, get creative about how to get there and championed me with the smaller steps towards that.

One such individual, Tiana Wilson-Buys ( is my business coach (and productivity Guru). I strongly advocates her goal setting system. Focussing on a limited number of measurable goals, she helps business owners large and small to get focussed on how they plan to thrive, to be accountable for the milestones along the way over a time limited period to ‘Get Stuff Done’. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Being brave enough to ask for help played a significant role my personal and business growth and let’s be honest, it is okay to ask for help. Sometimes we need the experts to help us to apply these strategies.

However you go about it, I invite you to get clear on what will help you succeed with hatching your cunning plans and implementing them. This is your life, so own it and make it happen.

Why…Because life is temporary and precious, because you can, and because you owe it to yourself!
To end on the words of Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day –
“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to launching my Adventure series and showcasing my first adventurer!
In the meantime I wish you all a healthy, productive and illuminating year ahead.
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