The quote ‘no man is an island’ infers that we all thrive through our connections with others. Where possible we want to create and choose relationships that bring out the best in us and add value to our lives.

That said, sometimes the relationships in our lives require kit gloves, toleration and maintenance to sustain them because they serve a vital purpose. I feel confident that we can all think of examples of this sort of relationship.

Counterbalancing this are those wonderful relationships that we feel motivated to nurture because they bring out the best in us and add to the rich tapestry of our lives.

The challenges of managing and improving relationships often presents in coaching conversations with my clients.

What each of us value and need from our relationships will differ greatly. My curiosity about this matter led me to carry out a survey. I asked people from all walks of life about the qualities they would desire in an ideal relationships.

This elicited a wide range of responses including; ‘someone whose company creates excitement, minds meeting, being with a good listener, similar values and interests, someone who restores my inner calm, hatching plans together, honesty, someone who just gets me, an adventure buddy, people who help me not take life too seriously’.

Some of these descriptions struck a chord with me. They reminded me of the importance of being clear about what qualities your relationships need to increase in strength and continue to grow.

Coaching conversations often address the subject of how to nurture and manage different sorts of relationships. Some of the themes that we might discuss could include:

  • The qualities that a good relationships needs to have to hit the spot for you
  • Rediscovering your attributes that you want to shine in your relationships
  • Taking action to nurture the relationships that matter to keep them flying high

If relationship development is on your agenda, it is important for you to be aware that your actions can help your relationships to thrive. This could include; showing gratitude for what another person brings to your life, doing something that you know will be appreciated, surprising the people that you care about, giving compliments, listening more easily, or trying something new together.

In my wiser years I am becoming increasingly aware that great relationships are precious. Family, or indeed chosen family means too much, friends are too valuable and life is too short to put off creating and enjoying connections that help you feel joy.

So my dear friends, the time to thrive in your relationships is now. What exactly are you waiting for?

My best hopes are that reading this will encourage you to enjoy deeper connections with those that mater most and take action to boost the relationships that bring out the adventurist in you.

#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to words of wisdom.

In the meantime I wish you all a happy and energetic week. Want to know more about how to live your life’s adventure?