Private 1:1 Coaching

If you are looking for private 1:1 coaching I offer a range of packages to suit your needs…


1. Jump Start

The Jump Start coaching package is all about helping you to gain clarity, to get you refocused and to help you create a plan. Jump Start offers the option of 2 sessions, 4 sessions, or 6 sessions in addition to the complimentary taster session.

The package consists of up to 60 minute sessions over a 3 month period followed by a 30 minute skype check in which helps you to hold yourself accountable, uncovers any obstacles that got in your way and helps you work out how to maintain your success/progress.

Jump Start package price is 2 sessions for  £100, 4 sessions for £195, 6 sessions for £275


2. Dive Deep

Substantial change can take months to achieve. 12 sessions are the optimum number required to help people identify and maintain change.

With the Dive Deep package, we are able to dig deeper to tackle the obstacles and help you create the outcomes you want during 12 x 60-minute sessions, in addition to your complimentary taster session. This package is offered over a period of six months.

This also includes any worksheets we use and the option of additional email support between sessions where we will check in with how you are getting on following through on your intentions.

Dive Deep package price is £550


3. Top Up

Once we have worked together, your job will be to consolidate what you have learned and put plans into action in everyday life. Follow up sessions can be a helpful ‘top up’ to refresh your skills, keep you on track and to support you to review your progress.

Follow up sessions can help keep you on track and support sustained change. Often 4-6 sessions are all you need to offer you this boost.

The follow up package price is currently 4 sessions for £175 or 6 sessions for £250

Costs include any worksheets that we use and the offer of a session summary to aid your reflection and personal development.

If you are looking for a workshop or teambuilding event contact me to learn more.