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Passions rekindled - Adventurous Coaching

This year, I was given two gifts that delivered way beyond their point of receipt and rekindled passions that have been missing from my life.

This year my dear friend Charlotte gifted me a map and poem about travelling. It reconnected me with my passion for travel. The map fills my wall with a world view. It also prompted me to find my old travel diary and reminisce, that then turned me into a storyteller. Her gift helped me to keep past travel adventures in my heart and future voyages in my vision. It inspired me to hatch plans to visit some of the new places on my bucket list and to re-visit the places that I adore.

The second gift was a pair of walking boots. Having been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees 18 months ago, I gave up running.  As well as missing the act of running, I also stopped enjoying other elements of this activity; being outdoors and that invaluable headspace that comes with blasting along leaving all your worries behind you. For some reason I had forgotten to apply my ‘adapt and overcome’ mindset to this challenge till, much to my surprise, I was presented with my walking boots. To say that these are now my most favourite possession would be an understatement.

These shoes have taken me on numerous twilight and sunset walks since I acquired them. In one week alone they stomped over 65 miles. I have discovered a new hobby, enjoyed a more sustainable way to exercise, and maintained my sanity and equilibrium.

I have also enjoyed wildlife watching including foxes, otter, horses, cattle, bats, deer, ducklings, kingfisher to name a few. I have been on coastal, river, beach and woodland walks in the north of England, Scotland and Spain. I fully intend to let my walking shoes to take me to many parts of the world. Just wearing them makes me smile!

What about you…what passions would you like to rekindle?

Perhaps like me, you have overlooked things that you previously adored. Maybe you have been focussing on the mundane everyday activities that you are required to attend to and neglected your passions or restorative activities. I would describe this as a typical challenges that often brings people to work alongside me as an adventurous coach.

If  you have also fallen into the trap of allowing life to tick along, unintentionally neglecting things in your life that used to bring you passion and that sense of adventure, do not fear. It is possible to do something about this right now, and re-discover activities that leave you feeling topped up and exhilarated!

We often find that with the help of others we are more able to see possibilities, adapt activities or expectations, and learn to problem solve around life’s challenges in order to live more audaciously. Here are some top tips that might help you to leap in:

  • Get clear on the activities that help you feel happy that you have stopped doing
  • Identify one thing that you can embark on in the next week and schedule in
  • Ask yourself  ‘why does this matter’
  • Find a buddy, who will hold you accountable to doing what you say you will

It is my view that regardless of life’s limitations and responsibilities, it is always possible to have more, do more and be more. So wonderful people of the world … Set the intention … Commit … Make it happen!

My best hopes are that reading this will reconnect you of your audacious spark and remind you the activities that you would love to restart. Gerard Way puts beautifully my final words on the matter.
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching’


#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to relationship adventures.

In the meantime I wish you all a happy and energetic week. Want to know more about how to live your life’s adventure?