What’s next? A Life coaching perspective

Whatever you choose to go forward with in the next year, I invite you capture the wisdom, skill and knowledge that you have yielded from the year past and take it with you on the journey. In my last blog I invited you to tease out what the last 365 days allowed you to be fantastic at, the lessons learned and get clear about what does not serve you well. My best hope is that you will use these facts as a foundation for a purposeful and proactive year with clarity about your goals and your vision.

Whilst some are excellent at clarifying ‘what’s next’, others take a little longer to focus and clarify goals in a more organic way. For me, unless I state my intentions, identify the activities that will get me to that outcome and set milestones along the way, then thing just don’t come to fruition. Sometimes my goals might seem optimistic to the point of delusional. Once I’ve said them out loud however, I get attracted to the outcomes that I want and behave in a way to make this possible and indeed likely.

I find this to be the case in my experience as a life coach. People come to me because they want more and despite their resourcefulness, they haven’t managed to get the outcomes they were looking for. Some people need help to fine tune the vision and get clear on what it will look like. Others know what they want but are unsure how to get it to happen or perhaps their previous efforts haven’t succeeded. Together, we discover your vision, identify the steps that will start your journey, the obstacles that might present and ensure that you have a personalised tool box complete with clear knowledge of competencies, awareness of limitations, strategies to overcome blocks and a solution focussed mindset that can be utilised to enable your success.

Next it is vital that we understand how to best break down the challenge into bite sized chunks and ensure that there is accountability to make changes happen. Not rocket science but believe me it is powerful and even the most competent and successful people can become challenged by the inner and outer blocks, by having a ‘wooly’ goal or by not having the road map to navigate the way.


As a coach some people find it hard to believe that I also use a life coach to help me at times of need. Like other people, I get stuck or blinkered and I sometimes need someone to call me on my bull*hit when I let limiting beliefs hold me back.

Alongside coaching there are many other ways to get on your mission to working out what you want in life.
Sometimes a conversation helps you to verbally process what it is that you want to be attracted to. Hearing yourself say out loud what you want can be powerful and surprising. Alternatively listening to other people’s vision can help you to get clear on your own.  You might hear someone describe your ideal image and realise that it is what you want too. It might be that you realise that their goal does not match your desires and plans and that by working out what you don’t want, you can discover what you do want to be present in your life.

And you can have it. Even if you don’t know how to achieve that yet…


#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next two blogs to sharing some tips from my extensive coaching experience that will help you to get clear on what you really want and need.
Look out for Part 3 and 4!
In the meantime I wish you all a healthy, productive and illuminating year ahead. Want to know more about how to live an adventurous life?

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