Part 1 – Review the year from a clear view point

As we round up the end of one year and enter a new one, I noticed many people on social media describing the year past as ‘the year they just wanted to get over with’ and I sensed a readiness for a new one. The truth is that each year brings ups and downs – Globally, economically, personally.

There have been losses; we lost some amazing people this year, some tragedies financially, politically and so many incidents leading to lost lives.

Amongst all that there have been some amazing things that have happened too. We owe it to ourselves to create a balanced perspective and give both the positives and negatives equal attention! There are always joyful moments, successes, things to be grateful for, moments of growth, magic moments and lessons learned to be found.

From my own experience, and from talking to others who dealt with some sort of adversity this past year, I discovered that facing life’s challenges teaches you valuable pearls of wisdom.

For some it’s finding out what really matters, the value of true friendships, or our potential to dig deep and find true inner strength. Appreciating the small things and acknowledging growth can create a great energy for life and impact what we allow ourselves to believe is possible.

What did you learn, love, discover and enjoy? Did you appreciate the small but significant moments that took your breath away or made you feel happy? Perhaps you spent time with likeminded people and felt inspired, encouraged or connected! Did you experience moments of gratitude?
Maybe you got out of your comfort zone and allowed your confidence to boom as a result!

If you gave more attention to doing the things that you felt enthusiastic about, allowed more adventure to unfold, and said yes to more positive experiences then snap… me too!!!

Whatever you gained from your year, then take it with you and then plan to have some more!


Leave behind the things that you just need to let go of, draw a line under them and step into this brave new year with a blank canvas waiting to be filled in by you and your imagination.

When it comes to ‘what’s next’, some people are excellent at being clear and motivated about what they want next. For others, the lens takes longer to focus and clarity comes when it is ready in a more organic way. Let’s remember that there are no rules here. If it helps to name it and share your goals, then go for it.

If you remain unclear or the post holiday fog has not yet lifted, remember that you are exactly where you are meant to be and all will be revealed in due course.

The starting point comes from resetting your compass, being clear on where you are, where you have been and what you want to take forward.

Discover what worked and do more. Get clear about what does not serve you well that you need to stop doing. Then the ‘what next’ will come.

#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next three blogs to sharing some tips from my extensive coaching experience that will help you to get clear on what you really want and need.

Look out for Part 2, 3 and 4!
In the meantime I wish you all a healthy, productive and illuminating year ahead. Want to know more about how to live an adventurous life?

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