Group Workshops & Team Building

If you are looking for a group workshops and team building experience I offer a range of packages to suit your needs…

1. Group Workshop Packages

Workshops can be delivered as ‘one off’ events, and a range of topics are available to suit your needs. Alternatively a bespoke workshop package can be designed to deliver consecutive workshop sessions suit your needs. Workshops usually accommodate 12  to 20 people and can cover a range of topics.

Workshop Menu

Polly running a workshop

Group Workshop with Polly

1. RESILIENCE: Time to Thrive
2. TAKE CONTROL: Confidence Step Up
3. SELF CARE: Health Quest
4. TRIUMPH STORIES : Adversity to Empowerment
5. COMPETENCY: Untapped Potential
6. SUCCESS PLANNING: Mission, Motivation & Goals
7. JOURNEYS TO SUCESS: Guiding Personal/Team Direction
8. PERFORMANCE CHECK IN: Refuel & Reboot

Workshop package offering a range of sessions over an agreed time period can be particularly effective. This offers participants the time needed to process information, reflect between sessions and then translate into personal development/change.

Workshop options:

60 minute Breakfast or lunchtime session. Thought provoking content on a topic of your choice and some take away tools.

120 minutes of impactful content, take away tools and an invite to pursue a personal/professional challenge.

This take the form of an interactive masterclass, with thought provoking content and with individual and group exercises.
This creates opportunity for discussion and will enable participants to create a clear development objective.

As a bolt on, each participant can be offered a private coaching session (price to be negotiated). This can be used as and when required before, during or after attending my workshops for up to 12 weeks. As an optional extra this can aid participants to progress their personal or professional growth.

2. Team Building Packages

Even the most creative and successful teams can feel stuck or become unclear about progress and direction. Teambuilding events with Adventurous Coaching can combine team building activities in the outdoors including biking, hiking, climbing, abseiling, archery or indoor teambuilding challenges, tailored to suit your requirements.

Group Workshops & Team Building

Team building activities with Polly

Activities are delivered alongside workshop themes (described in the workshop menu). You can choose a theme specific to your team needs which will be incorporated into your bespoke team building experience.

Teambuilding experiences usually accommodate 12 to 20 people and can cover a range of topics. (Price variation depending on number of participants)

Teambuilding events with Adventurous Coaching will provide an opportunity for your team to problem solve, have fun together, transfer learning to different contexts, strengthen communication, improve resilience and potential for greater wellbeing. You can enjoy a motivational team experience enabling your team to move forward and thrive.

Your team will experience thought provoking, high impact content alongside an interactive team experiences and tools to start to use right away.

Team building experiences usually accommodate up to 15 people and can cover a range of topics. You can choose a teambuilding activity and a workshop theme specific to your team needs which will be incorporated into your bespoke teambuilding experience.

Your team will experience thought provoking, high impact content alongside an interactive team experiences and tools to start to use right away.

Workshop & Team Building Testimonials 

Polly speaking at an event

Polly Brennan, Adventurous Coaching

“I was delighted with every part of our experience working with Polly; from the time spent ensuring content was tailored to our specific needs, positive energy generated in the sessions, and seeing staff enjoying learning different ways of working with clients. We addressed a range of topics related to personal growth and effective teamwork. The team left feeling topped up and ready for action with a new model of practice.”

Steven Cowen, CEO, Gateshead Carers

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Polly on a retreat to France with our female veterans. Polly was an integral part of the leadership team. Delivering outstanding group life coaching and individual sessions, the strategic life coaching with the management team was hugely successful for our organisation.”

Sarah Lattaway, Forward Assist, North East Veterans Charity

“After my diagnosis of PTSD in 2015, I was introduced to Adventurous Coaching by a veteran charity called Forward Assist. I found it very difficult to talk but after gaining trust with 1:1 sessions we started planning my journey forward. I was supported to join Polly Brennan’s group work sessions in collaboration with Combat Stress.

Polly has been exceptionally good with me. Her very positive approach, her ability to listen and engage me in in group discussion made working alongside other people a possibility. I am now training to complete an SAS selection route called the Fan Dance and also fundraising for veteran’s charities.

Working with Polly and joining her workshops, have helped me to go from strength to strength and been an integral part of my way forward.”

John Mew, Fundraiser, Inspirational Speaker

If you are looking for group coaching in the form of a workshop or a team building experience contact me to learn more: [email protected]