It’s a given that people love receiving gifts. My favourite, are those gifts that keep on giving. It could be the gift of an experience that gives joy when opened and then creates memories. Perhaps an item that can be enjoyed more than once. Certain gifts when passed on, offer value to each new owner like a good book with well worn pages.

Some people love giving gifts as much as they enjoy receiving them, and gifts just have that capacity to give pleasure more than once and I have numerous examples of these. Alas for now I will share only one; the adventure voucher.

The adventure voucher was a gift that I gave this Christmas. Struggling with inspiration for a meaningful and inexpensive present, I stumbled upon this idea online. Put simply I delivered a certificate offering a whole year of adventure, for my partner in crime Rob to enjoy for 365 days.

This involved an adventure envelope being delivered on the first day of each month for a whole year. The contents would describe the escapade that would unfold at some point over that month with no effort on the part of the recipient.

So far, the adventures enjoyed have involved things like  a train trip to a new location, a month dedicated to sleeping under the stars, a beach fire, a day of fishing in the North Sea, a bike trip to Holland and a few more surprises yet to come. This gift is continuous. The added bonus, I get to participate in these adventures too. A great example of a win-win!

Giving this gift has been so much fun that I am considering extending it indefinitely. It has created a sustainable way to keep micro-adventuring alive in our busy lives.

Stories of more altruistic gifts that ‘keep giving’ are widely demonstrated. The ‘pay it forward’ present is one such example and others include strangers paying for an item, and in return asking that the recipient pay it forward to another unsuspecting stranger. Alternatively, the little surprise left on a doorstep of a friend or neighbour in need of a pick me up, gifting them both the parcel and the gift of friendship is another lovely example.

With this in mind, imagine the cumulation of small ripple effects, building into waves and eventually a tsunami of good will and kindness if we were all to give more gifts? Call it delusional optimism… but I’m game if you are!

So, this brings me back to you. What sort of gifts to you enjoy giving and receiving? Perhaps like me you love homemade gifts, or presents beautifully wrapped in tissue that can be slowly unwrapped with anticipation?

What might be the benefits to you of setting the intention to give more, or to gift someone an experience, perhaps something that you could share together?

A final word on gifts; If like me, you believe that the universe has a way of giving us what we need, then go forth giving generously knowing that you might give more to someone by sharing a gift than you realise.

I believe that the art of gifting is as much about being able to receive gifts gracefully as it is about giving, knowing that it means that you are loved and appreciated, perhaps more than you know. My best hopes are that reading this will remind you of the joy of gifts that can make an impact and inspire you to have more, to be more and to do more.


#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to Passions rekindled ~ reconnecting you with activities that you love!

In the meantime I wish you all a happy and energetic week. Want to know more about how to live your life’s adventure?