We often talk about confidence with an assumption that there is a shared definition. Yet confidence might look and feel different to each of us. I wonder what confidence means to you?

By my definition, confidence can be demonstrated in your words, behaviours and your actions. It comes from having belief in your abilities and having inner strength to stand your ground. Together these attributes shape the successes that you can create through your own actions. 

Inspired by sourceofinsights.com why not think about your confidence as ‘the juice to jazz your thinking being and doing in more powerful ways’.

Through years of experience working as an occupational therapist and mental health coach, here are some of tried and tested confidence hacks that have helped others to find confidence within.

Spring clear your thoughts:

  • What you believe is what you become. Spring clean unhelpful thoughts and fill your mind with a world view that will help you to have more, be more and do more.
  • Know what you stand for, get clear on your key values and stand by them.
  • Recognise your capabilities and gifts and be proud of them.

Do confidence to grow confidence:

  • Embrace opportunities to achieve your goals (no matter how daunting) and trust that your capability and comfort will grow from this. Repeat till this becomes your new norm.
  • Don’t wait to feel confident to do new things, do things to become confident.
  • Behave like you would if you were confident and allow your actions to influence your feelings. Fake it to become it.

Celebrate your success

  • Celebrate your successes on a regular basis. Ask yourself ‘what have I achieved recently that I am most proud of?’ Make a habit of recording them and tell others.
  • Write yourself a brag letter congratulating yourself for your progress where it is truly due. Read it regularly and say it out loud. 
  • Spend regular time with people who believe in you, encourage you and who cheerlead you.

A final thought…think about what being confident means to you. Take time to do one new thing that helps you to find your confidence within because this is where big ideas, bold actions and daring adventures come from!


#100% Pure Polly – Living Life’s Adventure…
I plan to dedicate my next blog to a resilience topic. Keep watching!