Welcome to #AdventureSeries No.4 with Natalie Sisson

Introducing Natalie Sisson, Chief Adventurer of The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Natalie is a global adventurer and digital nomad, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and so much more.  Natalie takes entrepreneurs on an exciting quest to discover how to have more personal, financial, relationship, health and business freedom in life. Unlike most successful entrepreneurs, Natalie advocates for designing the sort of business that supports your lifestyle and not the other way around. Natalie believes that you can have a profitable business that you love, run it from anywhere and live your dream lifestyle.

 In one way or another we are all on a quest for freedom and happiness.  After 7 years of growing a successful business, and being obsessed with freedom, Natalie Sisson invited us to follow her on the journey. Earlier this year, Natalie took a three month business sabbatical to experiment with a new facet of freedom with herself as the guinea pig. Read more.

What does adventure mean to you?

Satisfying your curiosity, scratching an itch, being intrigued and then going on an adventure to peak your curiosity and seeing what its all about.

What sort of adventures to do you like to have?

The types of adventures that I like are two fold. Lots of fun and probably some daring too. I need something that will push me a little, make me scared and give me an adrenalin rush like an epic outdoor hike with some paragliding at the end. I also love something cultural like going on a three or four day trek with natives, doing what they do and experiencing life their way. Alternatively adventure can mean meeting with likeminded entrepreneurs. This could involve masterminding and doing outdoor activities during the day like sailing, kayaking or what ever it may be.

How has life changed you because you make time for adventure and activities that you love?

I think that adventure is the basis of it all for me because if I am all work and no play it all gets really dull. Adventure is something that really sparks your imagination, gives you back your mojo, reminds you why you do what you do and pushes and challenges you personally more than anything else.

Who inspires you to keep adventure as part of your life?

I have a good friend Dave Gorthwaite who basically has a brand called ‘say yes more’. He does these really cool activities; 1000mile adventures in a non motorised bike, paddle board or skate board or bicycle. I really enjoy how he is constantly going on new journeys and taking people with him. He creates experiences and retreats where people get to say yes more and push themselves. Another person is my friends Debra Searle is amazing. She rowed solo across the Atlantic ocean and she is an amazing speaker who is constantly pushing her boundaries. I love being with people on an every day basis that are adventuring in their own way.

How do you get a positive mindset?

Recently I’ve been getting lots better at gratitude’s and being more mindful and appreciative of what I do have. The simple things in life help me feel happy. This helps me have an abundance mindset. I’m naturally a very positive person and I love life. I surround myself with the right people. Its all about focussing on always attempting to have a great attitude to things and seeing the opportunities in every situation.

How do you motivate yourself when you need to push yourself over the hump?

I’m pretty lucky in that it comes to me naturally to me. I’m usually tied to the bigger picture. If something really isn’t motivating at all it usually means that it’s not aligned to what I want to do. At that point I drop it, outsource it or consider who else might enjoy that activity. If its something that I really want/ need to to or if its something just for me, typically really great music, pomodoro’s, timelines and deadlines push me to complete projects.

What helped you shape your success?

I guess having a positive mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude have helped me to succeed. I’m pretty well known for just taking action on things and jumping in despite the fear, going for it and then dealing with the consequences later…which are never usually bad.

What is one piece of advice that was given to you that you have take to heart and used?

My dad was one of the best people who gave me the advice to just be happy and do something  everyday to make other people happy … and I do! It a great attitude to go through life with. Also living in the moment with whatever is in front of you has been great advice.

What piece of advice do you want to share from your own experience?

Where do I start!! I really love Yoda’s saying “Do or do not”! I know that might seem funny but its my favourite quote of all time. He is focussed on getting it done and taking action. That message is with me when I am procrastinating, or faffing around so it is definitely advice that I would pass on to other people. I think that too many people miss out because they are fearful of things, daunted, they are too lazy or they are not prepared to take that next step.  I would also advise people to laugh at yourself. Life isn’t that serious and laughing is brilliant medicine. It often helps you see something in the light that it really should be seen in rather that in a serious and dramatic light that people sometimes paint.


I’d like to thank Natalie for sharing her passion for life’s adventures and helping to inspire us all to turn up the heat on life’s adventures.

Look out for #AdventureSeries No.5 – launching 1/11/17

I am having a break from the #AdventureSeries next month to get married and create some wonderful memories and adventures with our six kids.  Check back in to the #AdventureSeries in November, when I will showcase Alphawhisky71,  an ex commando and avid adventurer who uses his adventures to help charities close to his heart!
Watch this space!!