Welcome to #AdventureSeries No.6 with Cheryl Maas

Introducing the amazing Cheryl Maas; Professional snowboarder and fun seeker, X Games gold medallist, twice world champion, Best female rider of the year 2010 (Snowboarder magazine). Cheryl, originally from Holland, combines being a fabulous mum to her two children with being an adventurist, an athlete and a lover of many sports. Cheryl Maas is considered by many to be the greatest female snowboarder of all time. 
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What does adventure mean to you?

I really love all kinds of active and fitness adventures, from a surfing to golf, cars, motors, hiking to skydiving. I love sliding down mountains and  climbing them too. I love all kinds of sports. Just so long as I can stay active, I feel very satisfied. Adventure for me is to experience all sorts of new activities, to visit new locations, meeting interesting fun people, experiencing different tastes, sights and smells. I just love it all. My motto – Go out there and discover!

What have you learned from having an adventurous lifestyle?

That life needs to be lived! You can’t sit around and hope that something will happen, you have to go after it. You also need to let go of fear of things going wrong. Its not in our control. You could cross a street tomorrow and get run over. We never know what life holds in store. Because of this, I suggest that you let go of fear and live your life to the full. Don’t be scared to live it.

How has life changed because you make time for activities that you love?

Adventure has been part of my life from an early age. The hunger for adventure has been within me for as long as I can remember. I don’t know any better to be honest. I would be hard to imagine a life without trying new things and embracing an adventurous lifestyle. I think I would go crazy!

How do you motivate yourself when you need to push yourself over the hump?

I look at the bigger picture, what I am aiming for and what I want out of life. This helps me to get clear on the smaller steps. I refocus myself  and I get started.

How do you keep a positive mind set?

It just happens naturally for me. Particularly when I participate in so many cool activities, I find myself in a great head space. Sports that push me mentally or physically just give me that natural high 🙂

What one piece of advice that was given to you have taken to heart & used?

It is simple…make the most of life as you only have one.  Take opportunities when you see them.

What piece of advice to you want to share from your experience?

You can learn a lot from different people and other cultures. Everything has it good sides and it’s bad sides. It is possible to take the best and find the positive in everything … if you choose to.

Who inspires you to continue to have adventure as part of your life?

My friends do. We are all of a certain age that leads people and society to assume that you should settle down and live a standard life with a steady income. We hold a shared view that this is not the only way to live life. It is possible to say ‘no way to convention, and continue to do what you love. This is always possible!

What helped you shape your success?

I guess I feel really blessed and lucky. Also, I think that my stubbornness might have something to do with it. I have always did what I want and I have always gone about things my own way. And I think that these qualities are needed in order to create success. To succeed you need to believe in yourself.

My philosophy for life ~ To live, never settle for anything less, dream big, don’t let fear be the barrier, grab life’s opportunities!

I’d like to thank Cheryl for sharing her words of wisdom, and also her passion for cool sports, the outdoors and life. Thank you also for helping to inspire us all to turn up the heat on life’s adventure. You can find out more about Cheryl Maas by watching this and you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Look out for #AdventureSeries No.7 – launching 1/1/18

Here you will meet the brilliant Kate Mackay otherwise known as the Mummy Snowboarder. She is an author, entrepreneur, and sportswoman with a portfolio career. I am really excited that she is launching her book ‘Take it all on board; what can snowboarding teach you about life?’ This has generated lots of excitement in snowboarding and coaching circles and appeals to adventurists and ordinary people alike.
I cant wait to get my hands on that? Check back 1/3/18 to find out what it’s all about!