Welcome to the #AdventureSeries No. 3 with Brianna Wiens from ‘A brit and a brood’.

A Brit and a Broad is a travel video blog bringing people and places to you. Innovative and unique, A Brit and a Broad is unlike any other blog out there at the moment. It is essentially three travel blogs in one with a strong emphasis on video content. The presenters, A Brit and a Broad, show us some truly remarkable sights around the world and aim to inspire us to do something different on our travels. They do this by being curious, fun and inspirational!  Meet the team…

Macca Sherifi… the Brit, is an author, blogger and photographer from London. Macca writes about the alternative side of travelling.

Brianna Wiens, the Broad, (because she’s a broad – get it?) is an actor, director and photographer from Vancouver, Canada. Brianna writes about everything all girls need to know about while on the road.

Finally, completing A Brit and a Broad is Brian Ceci. An award-winning cinematographer and videographer from Vancouver, Canada, Brian is the man behind the camera cutting everything together, whose videos will make you want to pack your bags, hit the road and do something different immediately.

Photos from top left: Sunset beach hut, the beautiful people of Cuba, the Scottish Southern upland way, high fives on a hillside, Cadillac in Havana, beautiful people of Bandung

What does adventure mean to you?

Its my passion for travel. I travel because it scare me… because it wakes me up. There is always more  than what surrounds you and travelling to a new place gives me one more angle to see the world from. It takes you to where you need to be either geographically or emotionally.

What have you learned from having an adventurous lifestyle?

On the other side of fear is everything you ever wanted. Fear is what holds us back from taking risks. Every single time I’ve pushed through the fear and gone for something new I’ve seen the biggest reward. Everyone has fears and everyone can push through them. That’s where the adventure starts.

How do you keep a positive mind set?

It took me a long time to not worry about money. That’s one of the biggest challenges of doing something you’re passionate about and taking a risk: the money isn’t always there. I was 6 months out of a “day job”, having spent most of that time worried about money – no matter where I was in the world, what I was doing, I would always come back to the money worry. Eventually, I realised it didn’t matter if I worried or not, money comes and goes, but here I was, still afloat. Imagine how much more joy I would have felt in the past 6 months if I hadn’t worried? I would still be in the same place, financially, but would have enjoyed my freedom more. So at this point, my mindset changed and whenever I start to worry about money, I tell myself, “The money will be always be out there. It comes and goes, but it’s always there and there’s always a way. No money can replace the fulfilment of living a life on purpose.”

What one piece of advice that you were given have you taken to heart & used?

“It was in the letting go of everything I held to be secure, that true miracles were allowed to occur, and I was rewarded with a sense of freedom and empowerment beyond my imagination.” This is a quote from the book, ‘Holy Cow: Hilarious Mis-adventures in India’ by Stewart Katz. I read this book when I was 18 and it sparked a dream of travelling to India. Once I took my first trip to India, adventure was inevitable for the rest of my life.

What piece of advice do you want to share from your experience?

I think my biggest piece of advice is just ‘do the thing’. Everyone’s got ‘the thing’. The dream. The thing that seems so far off it’s impossible. Once we get in touch with what that thing is for ourselves, it’s quite hard to deny it. And it’s once we get on that path, that our life as it should be really starts to unfold.

My other piece of advice is to view things objectively. Sometimes, we are so set on a path that when something ‘goes wrong’ or we don’t get a certain job or whatever it may be, we view this as bad or as a failure. I would invite you to view everything as perfect. Whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it’s all perfect. It’s happening perfectly, as it should.

What does success mean to you?

Everyone has a different idea of what it means to be successful, and I found after trying for many years to be ‘successful’ in the eyes of the world, it really meant nothing to me. I felt like I needed money to be successful, like I needed to get certain jobs but ultimately, it wasn’t until I really started focusing on what I wanted to do, based on my deepest desires, that I started to become successful in my own eyes. I put the distractions of what I “should” be doing aside, and instead focused solely on what I wanted to do: what really got me excited and filled with joy. It’s then, that more opportunities began to come up but it also meant saying no to things that I knew wouldn’t serve me.

I’d like to thank Brianna for sharing her passion for life’s adventures and helping to inspire us all to turn up the heat on life’s adventures. Oh and did I mention that she is also half of Girl on Girl Humor, a YouTube comedy channel? Check it out!


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