What is a Mental Fitness Coach?

Put simply, a trained professional who helps you to promote your mental fitness so that you can be a resilient individual.

I am an experienced coach, (PCC accredited) and an Occupational Therapist (BSC hons) having helped people from all walks of life. I have practiced within the NHS in mental health services for over 24 years.

I help people to build mental fitness, resilience and wellbeing so that they can develop an expertise in managing their health and develop the tools to become their own coach. I enjoy working with teams, with  individuals and people from all walks of life.

Coaching isn’t an event, its a conversation with a purpose. Coaching attends to the here and now and where you want to go. It is not about me giving you the answers, but together capitalising on your resources and looking within to find solutions. The coaching process can be a powerful way to recognise and tap into your potential.

Who does Adventurous Coaching help?

I currently support military veterans, young adults (16-25), and forward thinking individuals, teams and organisations. My mission is to help those who are invested in their wellbeing, personal development, professional growth to strengthen their mental fitness muscles so that they can thrive.

Whether you are facing a health challenge, a crossroads in your life, managing a transition or want to discover ways to life your life to the full, I can help you to find the way forward, uncover more possibilities and feel inspired to live your life’s adventure.

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

– Gerard Way

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that life is just too short to put off experiencing health, happiness and fulfilment. My expertise enables me to help people to fully thrive in their lives. With Adventurous Coaching, interventions are brief and yet powerful; we can co-create solutions in a short space of time. 

In my experience, even the most creative and successful people can lack resilience, feel stuck, find themselves at a crossroad without a clear direction or feel that they are existing but not thriving in life.

I have learned from experience that adopting an adventurous and solution focused approach can uncover more possibilities and have you feeling inspired.

Together we can explore your potential for an adventurous life and help you to pursue it from a place of awareness, confidence and clarity.

I place strong value on transparency and the use of humour as we work and learn together.

Through coaching, we can tap into your inner resourcefulness and that audacious spark that we all have, and help you to find ways to live a life that you love.

How can Adventurous Coaching benefit you?

Coaching allows me to be on a journey with you; helping you gain clarity about what might be at the heart of any issue holding you back, recognising more possibilities than you had considered, and being back on track, with pace, purpose and direction.

Together we’ll:

  • Create a mindset to maximise your potential and opens new doors.
  • Develop your knowledge of simple practical strategies to build your health and wellbeing toolkit
  • Capitalise on your competencies, strengths and resources 
  • Co-create your plan: with manageable  milestones and accountability.
  • Build mental toughness to help you to fully thrive

Adventurous coaching helps you to ‘reset your compass’, navigate your way through transitions and have you feeling inspired again.

Adventurous Coaching is about you developing your knowledge and expertise in your health and wellbeing so that you can become your own coach and embark on your big adventure!