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#AdventureSeries No. 2 - Adventurous Coaching

Welcome to the #AdventureSeries No. 2 with Richard Rothwell

Introducing Richard Rothwell, director at Cycling Generation. One day he just left his day job to set up a cycle holiday company. He is a wonderful example of someone who is unafraid to step out of the career box and earn his living doing something that he loves. Richard is also a sporting adventurer. As a passionate cyclist, he has take part in and has won many competitive enduring events.

The weekend prior to this interview, Richard took part in (and won) a 24hr solo bike race called the kielder chiller 24 in Northumberland in extreme winter conditions. This is a 24 hour mountain bike event certain be the ultimate test of man and machine.

Photo’s from top left
24h of Finale ligure, MT ZOOM- Wiggle Exposure Elite mixed Team, heading off to grab victory at Montane Kielder 100, having fun on the ropes, Nevis range Fort William, High Fell Events

What does adventure mean to you?

Adventure to me is putting myself into precarious situations and I enjoy that uncertainty! Doing things that I might (or might not) be able to complete or where failure is possible, whether that is in my sporting life or working life.

What sort of adventures do you love to have?

I guess I am a risk taker and enjoy the adrenaline of adventurous activities. An adventure can go smoothly and be a wonderful pleasant experience or it can be gruelling, difficult and stressful; both are valid and valuable experiences.

How has life changed for the better because you make time for activities you love?

It hasn’t really changed because I have always done it. I have led an adventurous lifestyle from a young age. It’s a lifestyle that brings so many benefits both physically and mentally that I want to continue as long as my body holds out! I have never led an orthodox lifestyle; I don’t have a TV and rarely go to the pub. I am happy to get up early or go to bed very late. If your hours are not ‘the norm’ it’s surprising what you can get done!

What have you learned from having an adventurous lifestyle?

There are many ways we can carry our adventurous experiences over into our ‘normal’ lives. We know that we have overcome difficult situations and can apply this confidence to work and other everyday situations. Essentially, adventure develops our problem solving skills. However, the most powerful lesson I have learned is just how hard we can push our bodies. The mind always gives in before the body and once this is accepted, we can work on the mental aspects safe in the knowledge that our bodies can withstand a lot! It’s a powerful realisation and the human mind is very powerful.

How do you keep a positive mindset?

I often think how lucky we are to live in a stable, relatively affluent and safe country, especially in current times. Of course we all have ups and downs but we historically we live longer, healthier lives than ever before and we should all reflect on this. We have one chance in life to do stuff and I never get complacent. I enjoy ‘experience’ whether it is good or bad; we learn from everything we do. I have a great life but accept that rough comes with smooth.

How do you motivate yourself when you need to push yourself over the hump of the hill?

If I am ‘motivated’ to complete a task or activity, I will have set it as a goal. To achieve a goal requires a process. It’s the process that is the interesting thing. To go through a process, takes commitment and often a great deal of time. The time I have invested, is just that; an investment that I want a return on. When things get tough I play over in my mind how much time I have invested and tell myself it would have been wasted if I quit. This motivates me to continue.

What one piece of advice was given to you that you took to heart and used?

Keep moving forward. No matter how slowly you are traveling, keep moving forward.

What piece of advice do you want to share  from your experience?

If you focus on something you enjoy and keep doing it in an analytic fashion, you will improve.

Who inspires you to continue to have adventure as part of your life?

The people that most inspire me are those who, plain and simply, just put in a lot of work. I am inspired by people who are passionate and love what they do. We should all be passionate about something.

I’d like to thank Richard for sharing his passion for life’s adventures and helping to inspire us all to turn up the heat on life’s adventures. You can find out more about Richard Rothwell here.

Look out for #AdventureSeries No.3 – launching 1/8/17

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